A creative manifestation that speaks for itself.

About Us

What is Mistura?

Mistura was born from the minds of a group of Bolivian entrepreneurs and designers, hoping to promote national materials and design. Mistura is positioned in the market as one of the first 'concept stores' in Bolivia; it is a beautifully decorated boutique, dedicated to showcasing Bolivia's essence and original design. Our mission is to offer the public unique quality products with a clear Bolivian mark.

Why the name Mistura?

Mistura/ Confetti - comes from the word 'Mixture', (f. small bits of paper, usually coloured, thrown from a height to enhance the gaiety of a festive event). For us 'Mistura' is a metaphor for the amalgam of different cultures, rituals and lively colours that makes Bolivia unique. It is a creative manifestation that speaks for itself.

What do we have in Mistura?

Mistura, as it’s meaning, is a mix of products that are made by different designers, craftsmen and artists from our iconic country. In the shop there are products ranging from alpaca coats, shawls and sweaters, all the way to accessories, souvenirs, jewelry, home decor and household items, photography books, baby clothing, gourmet products, and many special souvenirs.

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